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Rent a 3D scanner today. Select your dates and enquire online to receive your price. Delivery & collection available across London and the South East.

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Our 3D Scanners Ensure Precision In Every Project, Every Time

We stock a range of the latest 3D scanners. Capture accurate measurements of almost any surface and use the data for quality inspection, reverse engineering, design, and much more.

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Why rent a 3D scanner?

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Precise Measurement

Highly accurate measurement of even the most complex geometries. A fast, non-contact process without the risk of human error. Almost any surface or material can be 3D scanned. 

Reverse Engineering & CAD

Digitise physical objects into an editable 3D CAD file. This can be used for reproducing parts that don’t have drawings, digitally repairing minor damage, or customising existing products.

reverse engineering data from hired 3D scanner
a deviation analysis report

Quality Inspection

Boost efficiency across quality control operations. Create documentation and conduct tests like deviation analysis. Check tools, moulds, and manufactured parts against the CAD model to ensure that every area of the component is within specified tolerances.

Prototyping & Product Design

Study complex arrangements and create new designs with great accuracy. Generate 3D models from physical products, make iterations in CAD, and pair with 3D printing to quickly produce prototypes for visualisation.

a selection of product prototype iterations
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Benefits of hiring over buying


For one-time use or irregular projects, hiring a 3D scanner is more economical than purchasing one. It eliminates the need for a large upfront investment, keeping your money free to be deployed elsewhere.


Ensure that you always have the optimal 3D scanner for each individual project. Pay per job and only keep the scanner for as long as you need it. This is also a good way to bridge the gap if your own device is currently broken or unavailable.

Advanced Technologies

Get access to the latest 3D scanning equipment without the commitment of purchasing. Therefore you avoid the risk of asset depreciation and owning obsolete gear, which is common in such a rapidly evolving field.

Expert setup

We take care of all maintenance and make sure our scanners are regularly calibrated and serviced. This means there’s no need to worry about wasting time troubleshooting and you can get straight to work with your 3D scanner rental.

Trial Before Purchase

3D scanner hire presents an affordable opportunity to try different models before buying. Test your scanner on a real job to get an idea of how the process works and what sort of results you can expect to achieve.

Small Business Friendly

A smart way for small businesses or contractors to integrate high-end tech into your workflow. This flexible solution aligns with the variable requirements and budgets of smaller-scale operations, ensuring you stay competitive.

3D Hire Hub expert meeting with happy customers

Why hire a 3D scanner from us?

Experience You Can Count On

With over a decade of expertise in professional 3D scanning, our seasoned team has tackled an array of projects. Rely on us for insightful scanner recommendations and tailored advice, to help you get the most out of your 3D scanner hire.

Seamless Start-Up Experience

We ensure that our 3D scanner rentals are ready to use from the moment they reach you. Unpack, connect, and start your scanning process instantly - it's that straightforward.

3D Scanner Rental Extras

Post-processing Service

Need help with the scan data or reverse engineering? Our dedicated CAD engineers can import it into specialist software to produce the deliverables you require. This includes: CAD files, 2D & 3D drawings, surface deviation analysis, inspection reports, STEP files, STL files & more.

post-processing service
3D printing a scanned part

3D Printing Options

Our friends at Surface Scan can use your scan data to supply an accurate 3D-printed model. Choose from a wide range of materials and colours and have the finished product delivered straight to your door.

Learn more about 3D printing.

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